Insights / The creative process

The role of a Creative Director

A creative director is less hands-on, and can work with an art director to come up with a look and feel. They're coming up with the concept, and they're the ones overseeing a lot of everything, whether it'd be just directly the creative team, but then also all the other people that you might involve in a project.

I'm thinking, for example, when it comes to a photoshoot usually, I would work with an art director to help concept some of the the look and feel of the shoot. But then also, I'm working with the account person on making sure that we're booking the right photographer, with the right cinematographer for the job, and and managing the little details like hiring the right stylist, and all that stuff. That wouldn't concern an art director so much, as the creative director is responsible for all those other things.

Then overall, just making sure that the team feels good, and that people are happy, and things like that I feel falls on the creative director. Then also, being in front of the client. Although I have been in front of the client as an art director, I feel that being in front of the client as the creative director is no question about it, you're going to have to be there.

If you can imagine the job as a lens, a junior designer you're at super zoomed in, you're focused on what's in front of you, and that's your job, and you have to do it well. Then as you grow to the senior designer you're a little bit more zoomed out, and then as an art director you're zoomed out even more so. But then as a creative director, I feel like you're zoomed out to the max possible, because you're not only worrying about the creative; that's their soul, that is their main concern, but you're also worried about all the other logistics.