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Staying creatively fulfilled

Side projects are so terribly important, because I do believe a lot of the side projects I've done have actually gotten me the jobs that I have. I always tell designers and you know, people, creatives, in general to always keep doing those, because you learn so much from them. You learn through creating them, like if you're experimenting with a new medium or something like that. There's always some sort of valuable nugget in what you're doing that you can apply to a client job. Thinking about it like that I'm always like, 'this is worthwhile'.

My last personal project probably took me about a month, I did it, it went out into the world, and that was it. But I always look back at that like, you know what, I had I learned so much from this, I was able to do everything myself, or work with a trusted friend, or creative partner on it. I feel that really is my fulfilment. I know that there's going be some sort of payoff because I'll be able to go to a client and be like, well I can do this, and I know how, and this is part of what I can offer you as a service. So that's what keeps me creatively fulfilled.