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Keeping up with the demand for content

Sometimes it does really feel like you're just a content factory, pumping out assets. Sometimes when you work so hard on a shoot, or creating content, it's already outdated by the time it goes through the review process. You're already ready to talk about the next thing, and you haven't even shared what you just created. You're constantly catching up.

It just seems like advertising now, is just, everything's always on fire, you're always late, there's never enough content. I think society just loves consuming things, attention spans are shorter, you just want to look, and watch, and then dismiss, and then on to the next. It's really hard to keep up.

The only way that I know how to save that, is making sure that your content has a lot of depth to it, and has a more deeper story so that you can segment it out. You don't always reveal it at once I guess is the strategy that I've come up with, or that I've worked on projects where it's like that.

Keeping up with the demand for content

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