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Balancing internal & external teams

Nowadays as a marketing leader and in a world where digital is moving so fast, we have to supplement. We have to have people internally who are close to the brand, who can turn things quickly, or who can help build things that are really sensitive. You have to have a lot more understanding of the brand to make that work great.

And we work with external teams who may have access to talent that we don't, or may have access to resources we don't, or are able to work on something quicker than we are, or allow us to do two things at once. Outside agencies give us expertise, know-how, flexibility, even cost structure.

It's expensive to have a full end-to-end team in-house that's doing everything, it may also not make a lot of sense. And so, if we can have a big enough internal team to do everything we needed to do, and that team can become 'bionic', or become extended by an outside agency, they can add some additional brainpower, or creative horsepower, or even take things off our plate. It makes us so much more productive.

Balancing internal & external teams

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