Insights / The creative process

Seeing the big picture

In the last five years for me personally, I still have done a lot of print based stuff, because I was at Linkin Park for a while and then I was at Smashbox for a while, and those were a lot of print based projects. But of course, always thinking about print in relation to digital. When I first started my career I was doing just newspaper ads, or magazine ads, and things like that. So now, even if there is need for print, it's always in relationship to 'how does this live online?'.

That's always something that you have to have in your head no matter what, even if you're doing a billboard, you're doing a physical billboard, but you're also thinking about what is this going to look like throughout the rest of the campaign? What is it going to look like online? How are people going to engage with this online? What's going to be the payoff for them if they click through here? Things like that are always in my mind, even if I'm on a shoot, like when I was working with Beats or Nike, it's always like how is this going to live in this cropped format for Instagram? Or how is this going to live on .com? Things like that.

You really have to see that big picture, and you have to see that story that you're trying to tell, but also logistically, how you're going to tell it.