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Giving people permission to get involved

You've got to give people space to get involved, what's the point in having someone in a meeting if they're not going to add anything to it, or not given permission, maybe "permission" is the word. You've got to give everyone the permission to say something, try something, question something, challenge something.

I'm all up for debating with a designer about whether something is right or wrong, or what route we should go, because those dialogues make for better work fundamentally, and they also help everyone understand each other a bit better, so you can communicate a bit quicker next time. I think maybe it's around permissions, not literally saying "it's your turn to talk, what would you like to add to this?" It's about creating an environment that allows people to feel comfortable, they can say their piece, and add to something, add to something greater.

We've all had clients say "oh, it should be like this", and everyone goes "oh no, definitely not like that", but you need to give them permission, and nurture those conversations, say why, what's behind it? What do you want? It's just asking those "why" questions as well. So, give everyone permission to talk, and give everyone permission to think freely.

Giving people permission to get involved

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