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Adapting your story to the channel

You generally have to have that topic, or theme, or what it is you want to speak about. How do you tell that story in different mediums, or different channels? It's like a book when it's transcribed into a film script, of course you change it for the channel.

Social is a little bit more fast-paced because you're living in a stream. Social is great for bitesized pieces of content, something that gets my attention, brings me in, and leads me to the next bit. It's like piece of candy, piece of candy, leads me on to the next piece. It's a massive way for us to have engagement with people, what we find with social, is that it's very good for us hero-ing people's content, curating people's content, and making heroes out of them, which is pretty good, because it's a content hungry beast.

The irony of that is, for example, you've seen this huge resurgence in people interested in long form content, podcasts, really lifting off, which seems to be antidote to that fast-paced "feed" mentality. People talk about the attention deficit economy, but at the same time, there seems to be a huge yearning for greater depth, and greater connection. I think brands who will recognise that, will be successful in those spaces.