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Relationships between Account Directors & Creatives

A lot of account people tend to have their own idea of what the project should be, and their own creative process and what they perceive the client needs are, and I understand where that's coming from. They're the ones usually managing client relations, and with the client the most, so they have more of a relationship with the client. So it comes across sometimes as if these account people know what the client wants, a little bit more so.

Sometimes it can be a contentious relationship where you perceive the client feedback as one thing, and then the account person perceives it as another. You butt heads naturally, as any sort of working situation has, you're bound to get into disagreements.

I think in my experience with account people, generally there's a level of respect in terms of like, okay like this is your domain, and this is my domain, and we can compare notes and share what goes on. That is really the ideal relationship that I would love to have in the future with account people just having that understanding and being like okay, you do this, and I do this, then we'll tackle it together. That's what I try to have every time when I work at an agency.

Relationships between Account Directors & Creatives

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