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Telling brand stories on different platforms

A brand to me is like an onion, it has many layers to it, but they all come from the same vegetable. So no matter what you peel you still know that it's coming from the same source, which is what makes a strong brand.

I'm just using the Nike shoot for an example because it's the most recent bigger content campaign that we've done, where it's like, you're building a set, and you have to make sure it's got enough angles to give you that room to move around and create different content. Whereas it's the same shoe, but at least it looks different, or it's telling a different story.

Until social media improves its way of sharing, my life is really just these one-minute clips or 15 seconds on stories. Having that shorter time I think forces people to be more creative, and more like, finding ways to quickly engage someone. I think that's the challenge in there.

Telling brand stories on different platforms

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