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Inefficiencies in the creative process

I think one of the key things is having a great brief, which is obviously a collaborative effort between the agency and the client. But really honing in on what the client wants, and I think that comes to asking the right questions and questioning how they arrive to certain solutions, so you get the full background on what's going on with their organisation, and what their priorities are, and how they've arrived to certain solutions prior to you framing up that brief.

I think the other inefficient parts of the process is, as certain assets evolve, and you're getting client feedback, is all the different changes, across all the different channels, across different asset types. And if that process isn't managed the right way, in the collaborative way, and helping the client through that process, a lot of creative can be left on the cutting room floor, because a certain department didn't like things done a certain way, when it could have easily been resolved with a negotiation.

Inefficiencies in the creative process

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