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Working collaboratively with clients

I think our job is to educate them upfront, and we can always do a better job of that because they all come with different history and different experience. We recognise that they know their business very well, and they in turn respect that we do. We're very mindful of the partners that we work with, everyone should be a "partner". The folks who meet with them upfront are pretty clear of how we work, and they make sure that they understand that process and evaluate the risks that they want to take. We show them our work and we make sure they know what kind of work we love doing, and what we can bring to the relationship. So I think we do a good job of sharing that before we even engage in creative.

We bring them along the way with us, the sessions are often collaborative, we don't just say "this is it". We're also very mindful that it has to be strategic, and it has to be on brief, so a big part of that process is making sure they're engaged in writing that brief, and being part of that strategic insight. When everyone is aligned on that strategic insight, then our opportunity is to do the creative interpretation of that, and that's something that we need to keep educating them on, why we're making these decisions, how it looks once it's produced, the opportunities that it could present.

For the most part we've been really lucky, we have great clients. There's struggles with different people if they change directions in whatever product they're working on, but in general, we've had really great clients and we have wonderful relationships, and that's awesome because Vancouver is a small city. So to know that we can be really collaborative and have great partners, it makes them happy and it makes us much happier.

Working collaboratively with clients

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