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Speaking one-to-one with the consumer

The pace of change isn't slowing down. More and more social platforms spring up, and media buys or the way media is packaged, changes a lot too. A lot can be done with targeting and personalisation, so when we talk about personalisation, instead of having the one to one communicated campaign to you, there's a tailored campaign that has that message, but unique pieces of creative that are relevant to you.

I think that's created a large number of assets as well, because not only do you have multiple digital channels, but now you're able to speak one-to-one to the consumer, versus the one message for all, and that's become harder to manage as well.

So it's critically important to see how a piece of creative evolves across personalisation rules, and what things we're able to personalise, and what things make the most sense to personalise for the consumer. What will people value in that personalisation strategy? When is it too creepy? When is it the right amount? etc.

So I think in a world where there's not only an explosion of new digital platforms, and new digital channels, but the fact that they're personalised creates a whole array of assets that didn't exist previously.

Speaking one-to-one with the consumer

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