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The value of external agencies

I think for us, as an agency that are protective and very proud of their own work, but also ultimately want to have the best result for the relationship that we're in and our partner, and actually be the right fit for their brand, is malleability. And understanding what is non-negotiable and really fighting for something, and what is worth coming to some kind of an agreement on.

I think one of the really powerful things that you have as an agency is external perspective. On the client side, you focus on the same problem day in, day out, and many problems within that larger problem. But that's your world, that's your context, that's what you understand, and you forget your 'consumer self' a little bit.

One of the things as an agency is, you have that presence of being like 'oh yeah, I actually walk the halls, and I understand what this brand means to me as a consumer, not as an employee'. For us, holding on to that for as long as possible, and keeping that for as long as possible.

The value of external agencies

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