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Asking for specific feedback

I think we're in a phase now where the workplace is trying to decentralise and deconstruct a lot of these rules and a lot of these stifling suits and constraints, literally physical constraints. So process sometimes ends up in that bucket of 'this is something we should reduce the amount of rules on'.

But so far, I've found that actually bringing some of those rules back in certain places, actually greatly amplifies the productivity of those conversations. Especially for younger designers that maybe don't know how, or don't have a lot of practice, articulating feedback or asking for the right kind of feedback.

A lot of people never really say what kind of design feedback they're looking for, so we waste thirty minutes talking about the logo or colour choice, when that's not even a variable we're worried about, we waste all this time.

So even just training people to ask for specific things from people, just makes the conversations ten times more productive.

Asking for specific feedback

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