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The magic of in-person collaboration

There's a very basic analogy... sports teams don't train separately in their own basketball courts and then come together on game day to perform, because it just wouldn't work.

We've observed this change in the market, having the opportunity to work remote and having the opportunity to work in a studio, or in an agency, or in a building, or wherever it is that you go to work, we very much see positive sides to both. Good for a work-life balance on the remote side, good for team building and morale on the agency side.

Mentoring and building careers is often done better in person. The nuance of understanding where someone's at, where they want to grow to, and just having really nice conversations, educating one another, and having the opportunity to learn from one another is done so much better in person.

I think for us, as much as we're open to every way of working, and the way the world is changing... having a bunch of people together working towards a goal is great for work, but it's also great for your human spirit. Enjoying having spent time with someone and having the gratification of having delivered something together, and then literally having someone next to you to high-five when it's all done, is where the magic happens for me, I think.

The magic of in-person collaboration

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