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Finding joy in every project

One of our core working values is relentless optimism, in the way that we bring things to life and the way that we operate internally. It's an optimism that we try and imbue in all of our staff, but also in all of our jobs, and all of our briefs.

The belief is that, in every project, there is something to be excited about. In terms of getting the team going, inspiring them, and getting them excited about working towards a goal. It's usually around finding the key 'something' to be optimistic about.

I think as an agency, it's not necessarily that you're mission driven or vision driven, or you have this ambition for how you see the world. Our version of that is like 'what's the joy that we'll find in this project?'. That can be a tiny little typographic thing, or it can be a very big emotional like 'we changed their business and and we feel some responsibility from that', or we've built an incredible relationship with them.

I think that's a really key thing... what motivates you, and how can you motivate the team within that.

Finding joy in every project

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