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Branding needs to evolve

There was a point with everything that happened in the valley and tech where the world changed, and I don't necessarily think branding followed the same trajectory with it.

It was very much a world like 'this is the way that we've always done things, this is how we approach work, this is how we brand businesses'. I don't think there was too much awareness of the fact that business itself had changed.

For us, not just having awareness of what happened with digital and the fact that all brands live on our phone tops now, but there will be another version of that soon that we'll then need to adapt to.

I think that's the thing that Koto will always be chasing, what's the next future state? How can we update and make our work more relevant? How can we work to make bigger and better change for businesses when we're working with them? How can we better understand founders and C-Suites needs? How can we build stories for brands that become more relevant as they grow, adapt and mould to their needs in a changing world?

Branding needs to evolve

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