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The role of marketing in go-to-market projects

Our job is to take a product in its finished state, as we've been collaborating and working with it since the very beginning, and help think through how we actually get that to market.

It requires us to work equally with our digital team, our retail team, our advertising team, as our CRM team. It used to be that there was an order of operations or a prioritisation to that, and now it's not necessarily the case. It all depends on the product that we're selling, the story we have to tell, the specific problem that the user has, and the context in which all that comes together.

Marketing campaigns are planned very differently than they were before, but in a way that benefits the user. It requires us to be more thoughtful about the time we spend with them and the amount of time we take from them.

The role of marketing in go-to-market projects

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