Insights / Creatives in Lockdown

Remote check-ins with the team

With all of us having to work remotely, it has required us to utilise all of our communication tools. It's not just face-to-face being our primary communication tool anymore, it's utilising Slack, email, video chat and Niice everywhere we can to have those multiple touchpoints.

In addition to that, it's being a little bit more literal in your communication, so making sure everyone knows across the board what's going on and sending that email with the weekly recap with "these are all the projects that I did". Because we're not face-to-face anymore, we're not able to have those check-ins or have that knowledge that everyone is on the same page. Because we're isolated, you really want to over-communicate the fact that we're all on the same page, "this is everything that I have been working on" that you might not have visibility over because you're not overhearing a conversation or having those little check-ins as you're walking past each other in the hallway.

We check-in at the beginning of the week, we all sit down, we do a video conference call, and I like to start with "how are you feeling? What's going on today?" because this time is so challenging and everyone is going through different waves of emotions and it changes at all times of the day, just to see kind of where everyone is at.

I also do a project list check-in at the end of the week but it's a little bit more informal. I'll do it over the phone or over Slack and go over everything that's going on. I got feedback from one of my designers that they feel like they're sending me stuff but they don't really know what's happening then, and so it made me realise I need to communicate what's going on the other side because they're not in the office anymore, and I'm just not naturally telling them.

It's a more conscious communication effort I would say during this time than before, where it felt a lot more natural or organic because you had that face-to-face opportunity.

Remote check-ins with the team