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Creativity is still core

Creative still needs to be at the core of what the industry is about. Technology is moving at such an exponential rate, so fast. People are looking at programmatic AI, AR, a lot of these emerging technologies that are still kind of, "emerging". I don't think you can pull out the creativity, creativity is always going be at the centre of it, it has to be at the heart of it, which is refreshing really, when you're facing into a potentially "dystopian" world. I love everything that technology brings, I absolutely love it, and and it's potential, but like anything, it's got it's dark side as well.

Over the last ten years we've seen technology and digital really evolve and morph, but what's been constant at the heart of it, is the power of creativity, the power of a good idea, and that human element which is there. I'm happy that's going to remain, how that idea gets expressed in different ways through different platforms, technologies, interfaces, everything like that, that'll be interesting to keep an eye on.

Like the term "consumer experience", I think what you're going to see is much more three-dimensional, how brands, and how as we as an industry, integrate, or interface with people, has gone from just screens to now we'll see it into voice, into objects, into experiences. Suddenly communication is just exploding into so many different ways, so I think that's an exciting space. If you're interested in creativity or communication, I think what we've got ahead in the next five to ten years, it's definitely going to be an interesting space. I just want us to keep the human element very squarely right at the center of it, not lose sense of ourselves within all that.