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Shared understanding across teams

One of the big responsibilities of my team here at Sonos is leading new product introduction. A big part of that has to do with taking a finished product that we've been connected to from their very beginning, and thinking through how we most strategically get that to market.

With the way marketing is done nowadays, with the proliferation of tools and all these new technologies, we've blurred the lines between divisions and disciplines. A tool like Niice allows us to bring everyone together in one place and have a shared understanding, shared language and most importantly, a shared tool.

We work in one canvas with our advertising teams, with our CRM teams, with our digital teams, and we can all view work within the context of a campaign, within the context of that launch. Versus within the context of their disciplines, their deliverables, or their formats.

So, what happened to be one-off conversations before, actually can't be, because we have to be more intelligent about how we go to market and we have to be more thoughtful about how we engage with users.

We have to bring everybody around one campfire, and that campfire for us is Niice.

Shared understanding across teams

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