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Agencies focus on the strategic creative vision

We still do a lot of the big ideas and big conceptual thinking, and then we create a tight toolkit for their internal teams to work with. We're guiding and often giving feedback along the way as they're developing their internal creative. I think it's totally appropriate, and that works. We have a different approach than how a lot of internal teams work. Ours is heavy on generating new ideas, coming up with different concepts and pushing boundaries, which is awesome.

As the world turns to this demand to create more and more content, like on social or online, there's a hunger for more and more content. I think that internal in-house team model works great. It's not super efficient for clients to pay us to be creating new social posts for six months. So I think there's a balance, and we make sure that part of the toolkit or the package we give them is a really strong brand positioning so that everyone understands who they are, what their voice is, how to interpret that. We give them lots of examples of how to visually articulate and interpret that and make sure it's scalable. I think it's it makes total sense that lots of clients are having small in-house agencies.

It's our task to come up with the big creative vision, a strong brand positioning, a strong creative idea that works across many different applications. We call it "proof of concept" where we make sure that ideas work across different applications whether it's on social, on a t-shirt, a brochure or website. We make sure that those ideas are nimble and flexible and that there's enough support for them to really run with it.

It's exciting for us because we don't get stuck in the minutiae and the details of how an actual DM piece needs to actually get in into the mail. Balance is important and different people are attracted to different parts of the industry for different reasons. So for us, we are all about ideas, creating new ideas, inventing or reinventing things in a new way, and that works great at that top level.

Agencies focus on the strategic creative vision

Clients: Vancouver Airport AuthorityLululemonCanadian Media FundKoho