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More decisions are based on data

Ultimately I think people are more brand savvy, and they're more savvy about the value of design, and what it can bring to their business, which is great, there's more opportunity. With more opportunity you're going to get more businesses, more creative agencies, and with more businesses, you're going to get more work.

I think the budgets are a lot smaller, maybe because of the economic times at the moment, and people are quite reluctant to invest massively. We're quite risk-averse in the UK, it's 2019, everyone is being cautious, spending their money very cautiously, trying to get as much as they can for as little as possible. As a creative, that gives you different parameters to work within, and find new ways of doing things, and new challenges. People aren't so into the old "creative gut" that I experienced earlier on in my career, where people would buy in to an agency, or a particular individual, for their like "it's going to be like this, trust me, we're going to get there, it's going to be wicked", now it's more data driven.

I think my point around people wanting more for less, it's harder now, I think everything is tracked a lot more within a business, I think you're more accountable, your division, your team, your department, your CMO is more accountable for what the KPIs are for success. How do you measure success? It's not as simple as "we sold an extra two billion cans of fizzy drink this quarter", great, it's a little bit more complicated than that.

More decisions are based on data

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