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Updating the agency operating system

More often than not we're dealing with marketing people coming in who have a specific role, and a specific objective, so I think the first thing is to absolutely interrogate the brief as much as possible. In the past, briefs would arrive from client, "we're looking for this, and this, with this budget", It would go into planning, we would assess what it was, we'd come back with an answer, and more often than not, it was like "was that what we asked for?", so there was a massive gap.

Operating systems are updated on a regular basis, but when was the agency operating system updated? and is it updated on a regular basis? It hasn't really, there's been seismic shifts, but one of those was, for example, we were looking at the agile process, and I know it's a hugely overly used term, 'agile'. But we were looking at how people particularly working in the software development space, when they were working with agile, lean, and scrum processes. What was really unique about those was that there was a very close relationship with the client in those situations, they sought to really understand. So, can we not bring the client into that process? and not have them as a 'client', or an exterior client over here, but bring them into our core team. I think that's what clients are looking for today, they're looking for a partnership, they're looking for trusted partners, collaborators, people that they can work with.

That was part of the Huskies philosophy, we're helping people navigate this new terrain. We're there pulling you along across this, you know, for most people, this really terrible, unknown, terrain. So we'll act as your guide, but we're doing in a collaborative way.