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Agency - client trust delivers value

We were working, for example, with Nissan, and we had a great senior client relationship there, and we were able to say "let's take a risk here, let's take a small percentage of your existing media budget, let's create something that's impactful". They were launching the Micra, and we were able to create something that, they went completely off script from what European headquarters were looking for, they took a massive risk, but we delivered business results from a sales perspective. That's a really good example of where a really good strong senior relationship, and a willingness to trust us, resulted in an impact for the business.

We know that actually, marketing can deliver business growth. There's a lot of debate and argument about that, the value of advertising, and the value of communications. Some would say that it's dead, it's over, and there's no role for agencies, and stuff like that, but we're still here.

We need to have stronger relationships with more senior individuals within the business, and we need to help them understand, and educate them, bring them along, and show them how we can deliver value. I think you can do that today, because we do have the tools to be able to measure impact, so we can demonstrate impact.