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Technology changes, but human behaviour stays the same

In my own naivety, I would have had a perspective at a time where it was like, this is going to be a great leveller and it's going to disrupt traditional, but over the years what I've learned is that, there's a lot of new tools, but human behaviours are essentially the same, and I think now it's more about how they complement each other.

You've got digital channels, and digital platforms, and the rate of change is exponential. There's like, such a gap between the two, and I still think you need to tag it back to human behaviours. That approach of putting the person at the heart of it, or the user centric approach, is absolutely critical to not be dazzled by the lights of new technologies, new platforms and new processes, and everything like that.

There are definitely things that come into play in new evolutions that are really good, but I think you've just got to use some common sense when you're assessing what they are.

Technology changes, but human behaviour stays the same

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