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Supporting a creative team

I've always been very team focused, I love championing creatives, and I love being a part of something. Even as a junior designer I always thought about how am I helping my department? Or I'm always observing how my manager is managing the team, or how people interact with each other. I think that's always been in the back of my mind.

It's very important for me when I'm managing a team that everyone feels that they contributed to the project, and every voice can be heard as much as possible. What I strive to be with my team is just really making sure that I'm supporting my team, making sure that every member feels good about what they're working on; as much as possible, sometimes you're going to get projects that quite frankly nobody wants work on, just being honest, but you have to, and and that'll happen.

But more often than not, I'm always thinking how can I get people excited about this? How can I get myself excited about this? What are we getting out of this? Like, personally, I'm not talking about career gain, or anything like that, personal gain, things like that. But I'm talking about, what am I learning out of this, and how can it can be applied to the next project? Things like that.

I deeply respect expert opinions, so if I hire somebody, or if I'm working with somebody, and they're doing their medium, then I totally respect and trust that person's judgment. If it's a cinematographer telling me "actually this shot will look better like this", then utmost trust, and I believe that's a big part too, trusting your team.