Collaborative Creative Projects

Illuminate the entire campaign trail

Every project is an intricate creative journey. Now you can shape and share campaigns—from early evolutions to final executions—in one beautifully useful project hub.

Today’s marketing campaigns are so complex, it’s vital that we get everyone around the same campfire. That campfire for us is Niice.

Allen Mask, Sonos

Documented by design

Broadcast the evolution

Increase understanding and appreciation with a creative thread you can follow from start to finish on one page.

Integrate seamlessly

Simplify project workflow and delivery by synching designs-in-progress to your project boards.

Unified and aligned

Strengthen brand work through teamwork

Bring more than just assets together. Bring people and creative ideas together, too, through real-time collaboration and ideation.

Capture key decisions

Keep chats about the work with the work by discussing comps in situ.

Work together

Decide direction together with simple voting on designs and ideas.

Manage creative input

Welcome in everyone who brings your brand to life—from your core creatives to freelancers and agencies—while effortlessly controlling who can make, view, and share projects and assets.

Streamline campaign delivery

Make sure project assets get put to use by sharing with teams and partners anywhere.

Massively simple

Keep complex projects
beautifully clear

Use our comprehensive project templates to capture every step, from detailed brief and exploration to production-ready assets.

Campaign Board

Collaborate live on a project, from brief to approval

Contact Sheet

Upload all of the RAWs from a shoot and star your favourites.

Social Media Campaign

Plan your grid for the ‘Gram

Showcase the entire story,
from brief to approval