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Niice Partner

Help your clients grow their brands with
accuracy, efficiency and impact.

Benefits of being a Niice Partner

Get exclusive benefits and discounts

Discounts for everyone

Get 20% discount on all hubs you set up, which you can pass on to your client or keep as commission

Manage your clients with ease

View all your client hubs in one brand portal and easily switch between them

Hands on support

We’ll work with you to help set up your client hubs and customise them to your needs

Spotlight your agency

We’ll feature you in blogs, case studies or newsletters and spotlight your agency in front of the world’s most creative teams

Get the scoop on new features

Get access to our Partners Community on Slack to get the scoop on new features and provide your feedback. You’ll also be the first to test drive new features when they’re released.

Frequently asked questions

Can my clients have their own custom domain?

Yes. Each of your client hubs can live on a completely bespoke domain, like

Who pays for what?

You set up the hub, pay and factor the cost into your client budget

How branded can my client hubs be?

Completely. You can set their brand colors to button shape and customise their sign-in screen so they can feel at home right from the get-go.

How do I give my client account ownership?

Hubs are independent of each other, so they can be owned and managed by you and easily transferred to the client when the time is right