Where your brand lives.

Bring all your guidelines, libraries and projects together in a collaborative hub that evolves with your brand.

Bring everything under one roof

Get line of sight over your entire brand story, from the logos to the latest campaign


Import your existing guidelines or create new ones that are easy to update and share.


Browse hundreds—or thousands—of images, PSDs, PDFs, prototypes and videos side-by-side.


Collaborate remotely on creative projects and see the whole story from brief to approval.

Lay it all out. Display every asset in context.

Customise everything, because your brand is more than a logo.

Collaborate in real time, keeping everyone in sync as your brand evolves.

Integrated into your workflow

Sync with Slack

Stay in the loop with the things you care about

Browser Extension

Add content while you're browsing the web

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Connected to the tools you use every day

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Join thousands of teams who use Niice everyday.

Today’s marketing campaigns are so complex, it’s vital that we get everyone around around the same campfire.

That campfire for us is Niice.

Allen Mask, Chief of Staff

We can just put everything up on Niice and tell people to grab what they need, which is super helpful, especially now that our team is remote

Enrique de la Espriella, Design & Brand Manager

Concepting, developing and sharing our brand vision was time consuming and siloed. Niice made it intuitive, fast and collaborative, saving us over $1 Million per year.

Amanda Jack, Senior Designer

It can be difficult to communicate ideas, but if you have images, videos and sound side-by-side, it really helps you connect with your team and get on the same page.

Jon Contino, Founder & Creative Director

Niice is great space to have visual discussions and get very early buy-in from stakeholders in a particular direction. It has really helped streamline our process, and that is something I can't speak enough about.

Chris Hardtmann, Senior Director of Digital Design