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Feedback loops with external teams

When we're working with an outside creative team, feedback processes look different for each project and for each agency that we're working with.

It depends on the nature of the workfor example, a photoshoot requires a very different feedback loop than a video shoot, which requires a very different feedback loop than building an internal tool, or an internal piece of softwarewhich we often work with external teams on.

It depends on the agency as well, if it's a large agency that specialises mostly in advertising, but we're having them help us with something more touchy-feelymaybe with a portion of the app, or helping us build a product, it's a lot more hands-on. It's not necessarily work that they're close to doing, or that they always do, but we want to tap into some creative genius or insight that they may have, that we may not have internally.

It depends on the team, how close they are to the industry, to the business, to working with us as a client, and it depends on the nature of the project.

One thing that's consistent in all scenarios is that we have to have a shared language, a shared set of tools, and a shared understanding of the project, because it makes the feedback loop we do have a lot more efficient. The more we can reduce needing to have feedback loops just to get everybody on the same page, the sooner we can get into the work, the sooner we can deliver the work, and often the better the work is.

Feedback loops with external teams

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