User Experience (UX)


User experience is how a consumer or end-user interacts with and experiences a service or product.

Great user experience always puts the user in front of mind and enables them to meet their exact needs in a simple and elegant way.

User Experience (UX) is sometimes confused with or mislabeled User Interface (UI). User interface is a very important part of the user experience, it is how a particular product or service looks, feels and operates. Whereas user experience is how well that product or service meets the needs of the user in a simple, elegant, and even a fun way.

A major aspect of User Experience is accessibility. UX focuses to accommode to many potential users’ physical limitations such as deafness, blindness or other physical impairments.

UX Engineers and developers rely heavily on research and user centric conversations to help design their products. User personas are created to help address a wide variety of needs and accessibility needs. Wireframes, prototypes and testing are all part of the UX process and help to keep the user in front of mind.