Rebranding is an activity undertaken by companies to update or refresh how their brands looks, feels and communicates.

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding, an initiative usually undertaken by marketing, is the process of updating or changing a brands look and feel, their identity.

There is no set rules when it comes to rebranding. It have be an extensive or as minimal as needed. It may be a logo refresh or a complete rebrand including logos, colours, fonts and tone of voice.

Why would a company rebrand?

A company may rebrand to change how consumers perceive them in the market or that their brand has become dated by modern standards.

A rebrand might be triggered by an acquisition. A purchasing company may look to rebrand an acquisition to fit into their brand family. To maintain consistency.

A rebrand is usually an extensive and expensive activity. However, the investment to pay off as a successful rebrand can reach a wider or even a new target market. It could lead to increased market share and recognition.

When a rebrand has completed. A company will need to produce new brand guidelines and have a place to store all their new brand assets and so may opt to adopt a Digital Asset Management platform.