Online File Sharing


Online file sharing is the process of sharing and distribution your files via online methods. This can be by email, online file storage or via a Digital Asset Management system.

Sharing files is essential for collaboration and team work. If you don’t have the right process and tools in place, your business can be hindered by a clumsy sharing process.

With content being created faster than ever, for more channels than ever, sharing is becoming a real problem for businesses. Videos, photos, audio, case studies, white papers, presentations, they all need to be shared internally and externally at some point.

This content is also growing in size, a video can be GBs in size and how do you share that with your team? Email is a no go and thumb drives are only useful in person.

A digital asset management solution like Niice enables you to store and share assets simply and securely. Internal and external teams can get access to the right files in a couple of clicks. Nothing is lost in slack channels or stored on thumb drives.