File Management Software


File Management Software enables companies to organize, manage and share their files. File Management Software can improve productivity and communicating between internal and external teams and partners.

What is File Management Software

File management is basically what is says on the tin. It is managing your companies files such as images, video, documents, audio and more. The term managing can also refer to a number of activities, such as storing, organizating and distributing. File management is becoming increasingly necessary in todays businesses as we are creating more content and file sizes are becoming larger.

There are a few solutions that can help with file management but for creative files, the best solution is digital asset management as that is geared towards storing and sharing these large, visual files.

What are the benefits of file management software?

The main benefit is the time saving. This is accomplished by the advanced storing and organisation that comes with file management. Teams can turn messy file systems into a usable and searchable library.

File management software allows you to:

  • Get access to your files anywhere, anytime.
  • Make sure you are using the most up to date files
  • Advanced security and permissions
  • Easily share and distribute assets internally and externally.