Creative Content


Creative content refers to any piece of content created by an individual or company with the purpose of promoting their brand, products or services.

What is Creative Content?

Creative content is a catch all term for any media creative teams create, distribute and communicate with. This content is used to promote their products, services, brand and culture. It includes all of the content formats you can think of. Video, images, documents, brochures, audio and so on.

Creative content is usually produced by design teams either in-house or at an agency. Some brands will also opt to use freelancers. It is important that a company has brand guidelines to ensure that their brand message and designs remain consistent. This is especially important if they outsource their design work.

Great creative content has a number of benefits. It can help boost brand awareness, enable a brand to stand out from their competitors, convey a brand message and ultimately drive sales.

What are the most effective types of brand content?

Every year, the engagement rates for video continue to increase. With marketing channels actively encouraging and promoting video content, it is easy to see why most brands are investing in this type of content.

Podcasts are still growing in popularity and it is clear to see the value they bring to brands. They are one of the most versatile pieces of content as they can be used on almost all marketing channels. Podcasts also ‘low barriers of access’. Meaning listeners do not need to set aside time to listen and engage with them as they would with a video. You can listen to a podcast as your driving or walking the dog.

Blog are still the go to for many businesses. They are a way for your business to provide educational content to your audience. To answer questions or give insights. Blogs are also a great way from brands to increase their websites position within search engines via SEO. Blogs are not easy to produce and require time and effort but it is usually worth the investment.