Content Distribution


Content distribution is the process of sending and sharing any form of content for collaboration purposes.

What is Content Distribution?

Distributing content internally and externally is crucial for any business but especially if you are in the creative industry. With the increase in file sizes and attachments becoming too large to send by email, a better solution is needed for distribution.

Adopting a Digital Asset Management platform enables businesses to store, manage and distribute large assets with ease. It also enables businesses to share files with your internal team or with external partners such as agencies or freelancers without the constraints of file size.

Using a DAM like Niice means that your internal and external stakeholders can share and distribute assets seamlessly. You are not limited by file sizes or email attachments. It also enables these partners to preview files straight away without the need to download assets or have the appropriate software to open them. Saving time and improving collaboration.

What are the benefits of using Niice for content distribution?

Asset Visibility

Niice allows you to display your assets in full fidelity. Drag & drop hundreds of assets at a time to upload them. Compare them at a glance (no matter the filetype). Display your logos, images, videos, PSDs, fonts and more in context, exactly how you intended.

Organization & Management

Our visual layout does away with the need for a folder structure. You can have hundreds or thousands of files side-by-side on one board, if need be. You can group files into categories using sections so they’re easy to navigate to. If you want to add a sub-board to deep dive into further content, you can.

Distribution of Assets

With Niice, you have a hub with a full interface dedicated to helping you manage access to your brand assets. You can see who has access to what and with a few clicks you can give access to assets and tweak permissions at scale. Giving you more time to do creative work, rather than on relentless admin.