Collaboration Tools


Collaboration tools enable business teams to better communicate and collaborate on projects and strategy. They improve productivity and save time.

What are collaboration tools?

Collaboration tools help businesses and team work together more effectively and efficiently. They are usually software programs or cloud-based apps and enable teams to set tasks, update each other, report results and improve communication.

The best collaboration tools clearly improve productivity and communication between teams. Projects complete faster, communication is easier and creativity is better.

A Digital Asset Management platform is an example of a collaboration tool for creative teams. It enables teams to creative, share and distribute creative assets faster and easier. It also organizes projects, document and assets more intuitively, meaning finding and accessing them is simple. Its the best place to store and update you brand guidelines so everyone is on the same page.

What are the benefits of a collaboration tool?

Better remote working

Now more than ever, teams are working in separate locations and across different time-zones. Collaboration tools recapture the process and feeling of team work. The increase visibility and clearer understanding of goals and objectives mean that remote teams know what to do and how their work is making an impact.

More secure

Collaboration tools are usually cloud based and thus reduce the need for employees to store files locally or leave them hanging in email or chat threads. This means all files are accessible wherever and whenever needed, by whoever needs them. It reduces the risk of losing files or files being accessed by unauthorised users.

Increased productivity

Collaboration tools enable employees to do their job more effectively. Tasks are clearer, assets are accessible and communication is straight forward. Employees that are given the right tool, have a clear understanding of their tasks and how they align to business goals are more productive and have an increased sense of satisfaction.