Brand Management


Brand management is a business function that uses strategy and actions to increase the awareness, recognition and value of a brand over time.

What is Brand Management

Brand Management is an on-going process. It is a strategy that businesses undertake to improve and maintain their brand. The purpose of brand management is to protect the brand, maintain consistency and ultimately increase brand awareness and reputation.

Developing an effective brand management strategy that raises brand value requires an expert understanding of the brand, the brand mission, and the target audience.

Many, if not all of the worlds biggest brands have teams dedicated to the management of their brand. These teams protect the brand and implement the strategies and tactics to increase brand value.

Brand Management Techniques

The switch to digital marketing has introduced tremendous opportunities for brand to communicate their message and reach a wider audience. However, with these new channels comes increased risk. It is now more important than ever to establish Brand Guidelines to establish how your brand should be communicated consistently on every channel.

These guidelines should effectively communicate the below brand elements to all stakeholders involved in your brand management process:

  • Vision or mission statement
  • Look and feel of your brand (Logo, colours, icons etc)
  • How you communicate with your audience (Tone of voice, grammar)
  • Who your target audience is and where they hand out (Personas)

Creating a brand story

A brand story is an effective means of communicating with your target audience. A story that consists of a beginning, middle and end is easy for an audience to follow and relate to. When you develop a brand story, you are positioning your brand to be understood, your brand appears more authentic and your target audience are more inclined to remember and relate to you.

What software can help manage my brand?

There is seemly a tech solution for most things. A solution that can help with brand management is aptly called Brand Management Software. This software will help create, store and manage all of the assets that make up your brand. It is also a place where you can store your brand guidelines and makes them easily accessible to all stakeholders.