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Maintaining routine while being remote

One of the things we keep hearing on my team, especially from our leads, is how important it is to maintain ritual and routine. So, creating this threshold between work and life, even though you may still be at home, and there may be no physical threshold, so getting yourself into the mental state that "I'm here to do work". Also, when it comes to working together and collaborating together, how have we been proactively addressing these new challenges? There's a couple things...

So much of camaraderie happens outside of meetings, it's like water cooler conversation, and we very intentionally schedule opportunities for those things to happen. Maybe we'll hop on a call and we will have lunch together, or we still do our weekly stand-ups, we've scheduled more of them just to see each other more frequently.

We've continued with our team rituals, so we do "show and tell" every week where we get together and either discuss, celebrate, or provide feedback on work that everyone has been producing. We're still doing that even if it's remotely, even if we're just sharing work, and even if we can no longer point at the whiteboard and "red dot, green dot", but we can still discuss the work together in that kind of way.

I think it all really just comes down to maintaining those rituals and finding new ways to adapt them to being remote.

Maintaining routine while being remote