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Creating style guides with moodboards

There was an interesting use of Niice with Postmates wherethe company was probably four years old by the time I joined. It still didn't have a style guide, still didn't have a sense of what the company is about, or no real cohesive artistic style. It had a pretty strong logo and that was about it.

The first thing I did was set about just trying to build a moodboard of 'who are we?'. That worked really well as a way of aligning people because it felt collaborative, it felt like we were all adding images to this that felt right. Then I would just comment on things and be like 'hey, is it ok if I remove this one, it seems like a little bit of an outlier for these reasons, and they'd be like 'yeah sure!'.

So that helped us take what was this abstract idea in all of our minds and slowly pull it together. Then we started to say 'we do have an identity, we do have style guides, we were just never able to articulate them'. I've never set about building style guides that way, you always get an opportunity to start from scratch, or you're redesigning where you're blowing up the past and starting over.

That was the first time I built a brand with the other designers on the team, and it just kind of formed from that collaboration through a board on Niice.

Creating style guides with moodboards

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