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Process for a creative review session

Everyone shows up, and then we start with someone, usually chosen at random, and they have to start with an opening problem statement. The problem statement goes 'I am working on [something] at [this] stage', so someone has a sense of how refined it is and it reminds everyone what they're working on. Especially when you have teams on different parts of the company, you might not know what someone actually works on.

Then they ask 'I'm looking for this [kind of] feedback', and they show the work it could be sketches if it's early stage work, or it could be a really refined prototype that's about to launch. They get three minutes to do that, and then we move on in a clockwise fashion.

Everyone has been making notes and individually marking on each sticky the different points they have. They go around the room and you're allowed to read one of those stickies. If you make it around the whole room of everyone giving at least one piece of feedback, you can go a second time until an additional seven minutes runs out.

We flex the time depending on how many people are there to make it work, but you want to leave most of the time for the feedbackPeople always have at least two or three stickies to get through. In terms of giving feedback you're allowed to pass, but in terms of presenting you always have to present.

Once people get into the rhythm, they play the game a few times, they go a couple roundslike any kind of board game, and then they memorise the rules, it starts going much faster, and then they start having fun with it.

Process for a creative review session

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