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Why a picture’s worth a thousand words

If I tell you our typeface is DIN, especially for a younger designermaybe someone who didn't have professional training in design. They may have no context for when that typeface was made, who made it, what the time period was, or how it's commonly used. None of that is attached to just a name of a typeface. Even spelling it on a style guide with 'here the weights you're allowed to use' tells me how to use it, but it doesn't tell me the character of that typeface.

Seeing a great poster that uses DIN, boomtotally know what we're going for here. There's an attitude, there's a tone, there's an energy that I can grasp from that single visual.

There's a reason why that saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words exists'. It it goes a lot further communicating what we're after than just being super explicit about it, It's like the difference between reading a recipe to someone and tasting the meal, they're just totally different experiences.

Why a picture’s worth a thousand words

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