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The structure of the agency

We're actually pretty lean for the volume of clients and projects that we have, almost everyone that works here is actually a creative director. In this way, we have developed really significant relationships with our clients, where they know that we're paying attention to all the details in their business. There are teams of people that work on projects, but everyone is super hands-on, and it's not just a top level approach where the creative director occasionally weighs in. Everyone's super involved, and I think the benefit to our clients is that we know that all of the work is super high quality, that's really important, and we know that it's on strategy, because you have someone paying attention along the way.

I think there's a huge burden on creative directors in an agency where there's junior or intermediate folks, and then there's one person that's the decision-maker. It's a lot of pressure for someone to keep track of all of those details, and to make sure that the product is always going to be very successful. It's a non-traditional approach, but it's actually working really well. I appreciate that it seems quite funny to the outside world like, why do you have all of these creative directors? Who's doing all the small tasks, like a flyer? It turns out that all of those things are actually really important to clients, and we all take on all different levels of of the work.