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Bringing in Visual Design at the right moments

I want to find a balanced way to bring in visual design at the right moments, and find those creative cues to come up with the greatest visual possible at the end of the project. Especially if it's a go-to-market project.

We struggle a little bit with 'when does visual design process come into play?', does it come in the beginning of the research, does that come into the beginning of the strategy, or does it come in afterwards. Traditionally in most firms it comes in afterwards, but I feel like there's always a lack of knowledge within the visual design process of what we didn't know during the research and design phase.

I've seen it 100% improve once visual design is involved the very beginning of the process and then carried through. But the problem is, what are we doing during those phases? How are we starting to prepare for those projects?

Using something like Niice to help start that process is something that I have been using a lot, and actually working through with clients as well as internal teams.

Bringing in Visual Design at the right moments

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