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Keeping your mind fresh

As a visual designereven though we're in the research & strategy phase and we're hearing a lot of words we don't understand, or things that we don't know. We're still trying to find those those creative cues and creative pieces.

We have to keep our mind fresh, and continuously create samples and collect samples. In that process in the very beginning stages, I always tell my team as visual designersand tell myself, start to create samples, don't lose yourself within those big words and lose yourself within the strategy.

You're a visual designer at the end of the day pick those references out, put them in a folder and then go back to strategy, go back to visual design. Take more of those references, and if the project changes in a day in your head, make a new folder or make a new board and get more samples in for the next thought.

You'll see the progression of thought within the boards I make from bottom up. You'll see the old thinking versus the new thinking on the top.

Keeping your mind fresh

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