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The future of creative teams

I think a lot of change will be driven by where creative teams ultimately sit, it might not be in the traditional idea of what an agency is.

I think creative teams might sit in a production studio, where they're taking a big idea from a client creative and actually being craftsmen in how to produce it. Or creative teams will be housed inside of companies as in-house agencies, where they'll manage internal stakeholders that are on the same side, but will operate kind of like an agency still does. Where you have the different disciplines working together, and not only creating what that new idea might be, but executing on it as well.

There's also smaller studios, or unique content studios that are not only acting as media companies, but as content creators. I think that's always going to continue to evolve, I think in the future it's not just going to be the traditional agency model, there's going to be multiple ways you can support and have a creative team. It could be through different kinds of vendors, and it doesn't always have to be from a third party organisation, a lot of clients are building in-house creative teams as well.

The future of creative teams

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