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Niice + Issuu

Embed rich documents from Issuu

Issuu is a digital discovery and publishing platform that enables you to convert PDFs into digital publications that you can edit, design and share with your audience.

How it works

It's simple to embed document from Issuu to your Niice board so you can share it with your team! Your embedded document will stay in sync with Issuu, so any changes you make to it there will be automatically reflected in Niice.

Adding document from Issuu

  1. Go to a board and click on the “+” in the bottom right
  2. Click and drag the ‘Embed’ block onto the board
  3. Paste in the Issuu embed URL,
  4. Hit confirm to save it

Removing embedded document

  1. Click the “...” dropdown on the embed
  2. Select “Remove”

Adjusting the layout

You can crop and resize embeds like any other block on the board, and you can move it around by clicking and dragging on the handle in the top left corner of the document.