Time for some presence 🎁

New features to help creative work flow from home

So uh… how has your month been?

It’s been a crazy few weeks. Like every other creative team in the world right now, we’ve had to become overnight experts in remote working. We’ve been adapting our workflows on a dime, ironing out operational challenges, and settling into a new rhythm of work, all while trying to stay connected to the team we once sat beside in the office.

For the past month, we’ve been thinking about how we can help teams to better translate their “office moments” into entirely remote experiences. Certain features that once seemed ‘nice-to-have’ suddenly feel more crucial in our current reality, so we’ve switched our priorities to focus on things that will help creative teams with their remote creative workflows.

See who’s active on your board

Present and correct

Today we’re launching ‘Presence indicator’, a simple little feature that breathes life into your boards. While we’ve had realtime collaboration features for years, it hasn’t always been clear when someone is just viewing a board at the same time as you.

Now when you’re on a board and hover over your team’s avatars, you’ll be able to see, at a glance, who is viewing the board with you — It’s the remote equivalent of making sure everyone is in the room before the discussion begins. It’s a small-but-mighty update, and it’s the first step in arming you with more tools to help you get stuff done remotely.

Coming soon…

Boards have always updated live, so you can be sure everyone is always looking at the latest version, no matter where they are. Now, we’re working on taking real-time collaboration up a notch.

Coming soon: Multiplayer cursors

In the next few weeks, we’re planning to launch all-new “multiplayer cursors” to help with remote creative discussions — It’s the closest thing to being in the same room, standing at a whiteboard, pointing at things.

It’s ready for beta testing, so we’d love to turn it on for some accounts for you to try out 😊 We’ve played around with it already, and it’s one that we’re super excited about, so we hope you like it too!

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