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Brand Guidelines Template

Outline the core building blocks of your brand for your entire team with our brand guidelines template.


How to use this brand guidelines template

This brand guidelines template is a great way for your brand team to introduce guidance and equip others to ensure consistency as your brand grows.

Follow this quick guide to get started:

  • Select either the blank template or the pre-filled template. The pre-filled version contains example content to give you an idea of how it can be used.
  • Create an account so you can edit permissions on your guidelines and create your own brand hub.
  • Customize your hub by adding your brand name, logo and colors.
  • Click on your brand guidelines template on the hub dashboard and upload your brand assets. The template is only intended to give you a good starting point, everything from the colors to section headings can be customised to your brand.

What should be included in my brand guidelines?

There are some main brand assets that should be included in your brand guidelines. For a full, comprehensive list, check out our Brand Guidelines Checklist →

What is Niice?

Niice is a brand hub that enables you to share assets in a more visual way and transforms how well teams and partners understand, find, and use your brand assets in the wild.

For brand creatives who need a more effective and scalable way to deliver brand guidance and brand assets to their team and partners, Niice is a brand hub for designers, built by designers.

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